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Photography: Rory Gardiner / Architect: Pandolfini Architects


We provide professional building surveying and consulting services throughout Victoria

Why choose Bridge?

With our combined experience and knowledge, Bridge offers an array of building surveying and consulting services throughout the commercial and high-end residential sectors.

Give Bridge a call to discuss further how we can help you on your project.

Statutory Services

  • Retail Developments

  • Industrial Developments

  • University and TAFE

  • Schools - Public and Private

  • Early Learning Centres

  • Public Buildings - Council Projects, Community Centres, Sporting Pavilions & Complexes

  • Fitouts - Office, Retail, Hospitality

  • Hospitals, Health-Care & Aged-Care

Consulting Services

  • Feasibility and Due Diligence Audits

  • General Building Compliance Audits

  • Desktop Audits

  • Municipal Council Contract Relief

  • Performance Solutions (Excluding Waterproofing)

  • Inspections

Cubitt Street (Pandolfini Architects)
BG&E, Melbourne (Venko)
Coles Cobblebank Village (CHC)
Natasha Schweitzer, Melbourne
BankVic, Melbourne (FDC)
NAB South Melbourne (Built)
Havwoods, Melbourne
K+P Melbourne (Inscape)
333 Collins Street
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